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SoarAge International

SoarAge International is a 501c3, nonprofit organization serving less privileged women and children in Africa to improve their quality of life through health, education, independence, and empowerment. We offer counseling, health and awareness programs, skills training, and workshops. These services are provided directly to at-risk children, troubled youths, and women by SoarAge International and through locally-based organizations addressing the same needs.

Our primary goal is helping those disadvantaged children and women for their betterment and self-sufficiency. SoarAge International supports a collaborative problem-solving approach and related techniques in fulfilling the unmet human needs of the less privileged in African society.

SoarAge International uses the following strategies to fulfill its goals:

  • Research Program
  • Counseling
  • Health and Awareness Programs
  • Skill-Oriented Training and Empowerment
  • Visitation, Workshops, and Recreation

To read more about the different goals that we will be providing. Click here.

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