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SoarAge International is a 501(c)3 Houston-based nonprofit organization serving less privileged women and children in Africa to improve their quality of life through health, education, independence, and empowerment. We offer counselling, health and awareness programs, skills training, and workshops. These ...
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Our Primary Goal

Helping those disadvantaged children and women for their betterment and self-sufficiency is the organization’s main philosophy and responsibility. SoarAge International supports a collaborative problem-solving approach and related techniques for fulfilling the unmet human needs of the less privileged in African ...
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Giving To The Less Fortunate

The mission of SoarAge International is in line with UNICEF’s fundamental human rights necessary for human existence. These basic standards promote human survival and growth in dignity and hope. Our top priority is to provide basic human needs to poor and underprivileged women and children in Africa who would not ...
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